The Suncoast Food Alliance is a unique endeavor to satisfy the demand for locally-grown products in West Central Florida. Farmers and Food establishments have long desired the ability to work together, but the rigors of both businesses have limited their time to work together. That’s where the Suncoast Food Alliance comes in. As a marketing and distribution company of locally grown products, the Suncoast Food Alliance is bridging the divide to meet the local demand for fresh items.

Farmers have a say. Farmers who choose to become involved actually set the price of their efforts. Farmers receive between 80% - 90% of their asking price. To learn more about becoming a member, click here.   Food establishments have a say. We offer a unique, web-based ordering system and a monthly membership, which contributes to the success of the operation. Look for the Suncoast Food Alliance Logo at participating Food establishments.   Customers have a say. All of us, as patrons of the food establishments, can ask what products are grown locally and what farming practices are used, so that we know we are getting the freshest food possible.  

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Bob's Veggie Patch

Dancing Goat

Hunsader Farms

King Family Farm

Mitchell's Natural Produce

Nature Delivered Farm

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We are proud to have been featured on WTSP, along with King Family Farm and Sidebern's. Click here to read the story and watch the clip "Restaurants getting Fresh with Local Farmers."
Nature Delivered Farm
Miss Margie explains her farm
New products at Watercress Farms
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